Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Maddie & Mia at the Ann Arbor Dog Park

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Hopefully the Ann Arbor dog owners have gone over and checked out the Swift Run dog park in Ann Arbor. Sam and I take Mia and Maddie there daily to run and play (Maddie really just chases her ball...) Maddie is known as the "Bullet" there - darting for the ball from the "Chuck-It" that we are required to bring (otherwise we hear whines the whole time we're at the park from her). Mia loves to check out the "little dog" area and has made friends with many dogs. She has about a dozen dogs that she instantly recognizes and plays with. But most of all, the open area gives Mia and opportunity to chase Maddie like they are doing in this picture.
I don't know what we did when there wasn't a dog park down the street. Thank goodness that Ann Arbor finally listened to residents and built something that is GREATLY appreciated by Ann Arbor dog owners.

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Sam said...

Your pics are great! You should showcase more of your photography!