Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rufle Dog Sweater

We all know that I'm addicted to knitting dog sweaters! Now that I'm a member of Ravelry I've been updating my "notebook" section with my yarn stash (which actually isn't that large...), knitting needles, and pattern books. It's hilarious to upload my books that I own because like 25% of them are dog pattern books and I've made a ton of them!!!

I do have to say that I get a lot of compliments at the Ann Arbor Dog Park on the sweaters that Maddie and Mia wear... That is until another dog rips them off of them while playing!

I was uploading information on my favorite sweater that I knitted - it's called the "Oscar de la Rawhide" Ruffled Dog Sweater from the book "Stylish Knits for Dogs: 36 Projects to Knit in a Weekend". And sure enough - it was an easy weekend project. I followed the directions exactly and finished the sweater in 2 days. Here are the results:

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