Friday, October 10, 2008

Update on Sweater

I just thought I would give an update on the sweater I am working on for Sam. I am currently done with the front of the sweater and one arm. I started working on the second arm this afternoon. So I'm officially done with half of the sweater (phew!) The project would be going a little faster if Sam didn't make so many changes to the pattern - "Hey, Sarah, how about we make the arms 3 inches longer? How about we make the sweater 4 inches longer?" With all the added inches we need an additional 2 skeins of yarn! The sweater looks huge but it fits Sam nicely so hopefully he'll like it! I'm still aiming to have it finished this month but I tell everyone that he'll wear it for Thanksgiving. I do miss working on other (shorter) projects because it's a nice change of pace to work on more intricate, colorful pieces. I feel like I'm just knitting the same thing over and over again! But it will feel like quite an accomplishment when I'm finished.

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