Friday, November 14, 2008

Margaret Waterman Alumnae Group

I am part of the University of Michigan's Margaret Waterman Alumnae Group. The fee for the lecture series raises money for scholarships for students. I have been a member for going on my 3rd year and have fun at the town hall lectures that this year have featured Steven Ford (former president Gerald Ford's son) and Candice DeLong (former FBI agent that helped capture the Tylenol Murderer and the Unabomber). Here is a picture of most of the people who sit at my table (Zoe and Jenny - you left too quickly!)
From left to right is Sharon, My mother, Becky, my grandmother, Margaret & Betty (I'm taking the picture!)
The lectures take place in the afternoon for lunch and are always located in the Michigan League's Ballroom with a sometimes tasty lunch (don't come too hungry...)

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