Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Free Online Pattern: "Poppy Hat"

Justine Turner who created the wool soaker pattern I just finished has another free online pattern (available through Ravelry) called "Poppy". It's reminiscent of a 20's flapper hat for babies and children. I knitted the pattern in 2 hours I had a completed hat. I will probably make a handful of these for next year for the foster children gift drive. Fun to make and unique. Try it out!

Here are the details:
Pattern: "Poppy" (click for the link to her website and free pattern)
Webiste: www.justjussi.com
Author: Justine Turner
Main Yarn: Elegant Yarn "Heavenly" (dk weight yarn)
Main Color: Plum
Needles: U.S. 3 circular and U.S. 6 straight needles
Skeins: 0.5 skeins (48 yards)
Notes: This hat turned out a little small. Next time I will probably go up one size depending on who I'm knitting it for or I will use a worsted weight yarn instead of a DK. The heavenly yarn is just that, heavenly! It's super soft but might be a little too springy for this pattern. I think Knit Picks Main line yarn might be a nice yarn for this or any cotton/wool mix so it will have the memory of wool but the softness of cotton. I'll definetly knit this pattern again!

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