Friday, September 4, 2009

Dexter at 3 wks old

The changes that this little kitten make day by day are amazing! I've had Dexter for 10 days now and he's now a 3 week old kitten. What do 3 week old kittens do exactly? For starters, they now have their eyes wide open and can follow you. He can see my dogs when they are a couple feet away and he gets up on his little legs and will run (if that's what you call it) after them. He's not so wobbly on his legs anymore although he still falls over if he moves too fast.
Dexter is still drinking from a little bottle that I fill with kitten milk replacement. He drinks a whole 2 tablespoons at a time (compared with about 1/2 tablespoon when we got him). He sucks it down quickly too! He's growing every day. Today he weighs exactly 12 oz - up from 6 oz when we got him 10 days ago. His ears are totally erect now which makes him look so much more like a kitten than his baby ferret face that I said he looked like last week.He still needs help going to the bathroom but hopefully will start being able to go on his own next week so we can introduce him to the litter box. I also hope to start introducing him to wet kitten food by next week so we can start the weaning process. He just started to lick himself so he finally understands how is tongue works which is vital for the weaning process.All in all, he's a great little kitty! We're going to have a hard time giving him up since he's become best buds with our dogs and has wrapped my husband around his little paw! Take a look... isn't he cute!

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