Monday, October 5, 2009

Dexter at 7 wks

Sam was lucky enough to catch this incredible picture with his iPhone one night while we were watching television. Maddie was snuggled up next to Dexter on the couch with her paw wrapped over him. So he's definitely found Maddie's soft spot.

Dexter was 7 weeks this past week. He weighs in at shy of 2 lbs. He's really just growing into a real looking cat. His legs have lengthened, his body has slimmed down and developed muscle and his snout has grown. His whiskers are also extremely long now! And man can he jump and run!!

It's been an amazing journey to see this kitten grow up. I still can't believe that we got him from a compost pile in 90 degree heat and saved his little life. I've never really been a fan of cats. I can't stand shedding and hair (that's why we have a poodle and maltese) so a cat wasn't on my list of things to own. They've also always kind of scared me. I worked at a vet and cats always seemed so unpredictable and crazy. They don't respond to commands, they don't snuggle up to you and look to you for love the way a dog does. There are a lot of things that I didn't understand in cat owners. But after having Dexter for the last 6 weeks I'm starting to understand. Dexter has this way of stealing your heart. He doesn't ask to be fed like the dogs (puppy dog eyes and sometimes begging) but demands to be fed (mewing like he has to be fed now!) When he snuggles up on our laps he demands to be pet the right way, held the right way, and not be moved until he's ready. If you don't listen to these needs again he lets out an unhappy mew and walks away. It's almost like you have to earn his love - the opposite of my dogs. It's an interesting relationship that I'm falling for.

We took care of this kitten expecting it to be a short term relationship. We expected to get him to 10 weeks old and probably find him a home with my husband's parents or someone else we know. But as time passes we are having a harder time with this, especially seeing the relationship the dogs have developed with this cat. Maddie loves to sleep with him and Mia just loves to play with him. So we're taking it week by week to see where this kitten ends up. I have a feeling that he will have a place in our home forever.

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