Saturday, October 17, 2009

Izzy's Dog Sweater Leg Opening Help

I've received a couple emails asking for help on Izzy's dog sweater for the area between the legs. I thought that I would make a quick post trying to explain how the leg openings work. Here's the info I've sent a couple people:

Basically the leg openings cannot be knit in the round since you will not be knitting some of the stitches to make an opening.
Let's start at the directions that say "To make leg openings"...
1. You are starting at the beginning of the round (you should have a stitch marker placed here to denote beginning of round) and you should have 44 stitches on your needles. You will knit 2 stitches and cast off 4 stitches (the casted off 4 stitches will be your first leg opening).
2. You then will knit to last 6 stitches of round. You'll cast off 4 stitches (again, this is your 2nd leg opening) and knit the last 2 stitches of the round.
3. You will then knit your 2 stitches before your leg opening. Your original 44 stitches should be broken down to 2 stitches after stitch marker, 4 casted off stitches for 1st leg opening, 32 main body stitches, 4 casted off stitches for 2nd leg opening, and 2 stitches before stitch maker. You will break the yarn leaving a really long tail to knit with (or you can just use a separate ball of yarn or the other end of the ball of yarn - basically you will be knitting 2 separate areas simultaneously so you need 2 working tails of yarn). Main ball is rejoined to the stitch after the 1st leg opening. **again - you should have yarn attached to main knitting area (the 32 stitches between leg openings) and the little area between the leg openings (the 4 stitches). You will start knitting back and forth (not in the round) on these stitches working both sections at the same time using the correct ball of yarn attached to them.
4. When it says to knit 32 stitches (that should be the stitch count between leg openings), knit those stitches. When you reach the next leg opening you should turn your work (there isn't any yarn attached to that side of the 4 stitches between the leg openings). Purl the 32 stitches you just knitted to the 1st leg opening. Now you should have the little ball of yarn/long tail of yarn that you left on the 4 stitches between the leg openings. Using the little ball of yarn purl the 4 stitches. Now turn your work again and knit those 4 stitches between the leg openings. Then using main ball of yarn knit the main 32 stitches. Continue knitting back and forth on both sections simultaneously using the correct ball of yarn (main ball for the main section, little ball for the 4 stitches between the leg openings).
5. When you've finished the leg openings directions you need to now close the legs.
6. Knit 2 stitches, cast on 4 stitches over the leg opening (now closing the leg opening), continue to knit the next 32 stitches, cast on 4 stitches over the next leg opening, and finish the round by knitting the last 2 stitches. You now have a complete round and can begin knitting in the round again.

Hope this helps!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, haven't knitted for over 20years and and going to try to knit a Xmas jumper for my dog as I can't buy one big enough! Have printed your helpful hints so here goes! Just finding it difficult to find a xams pattern large enough for my dog -she is an Old English Sheepdog.