Friday, March 26, 2010

Mr. Monkey Man

It was a HUGE surprise to hear that one of my best friends is expecting a little boy in July! I couldn't believe that we're both expecting at the same time. Too bad she lives across the country...

But the invitation to her baby shower ended up in the U.S. Post Office Abyss - so I only had about a week's worth of notice to get her a baby shower gift. Hmmm... my brain was spinning! I met my friend in nursing school and we formed a knit group with some other friends. We gathered once a week and knit and drank. It was always such a relaxing evening filled with lots of laughs. Remembering those good 'ol days I knew that even though I had such short notice I HAD to make her something knitted.
I started looking through some of my knitting books and ran across a pattern called "Monkey" in Reynolds Kids. It was the perfect pattern since this baby will be a July baby in Arizona. I couldn't knit a sweater for a sweltering hot Arizona baby! So I purchased my yarn (a cotton/wool blend yarn) and started knitting. It took about 40 hours of knitting to make this monkey from start to finish but it turned out so cute that I had a hard time giving it away!
But I know Mr. Monkey Man will have a wonderful home with Jenny, Kevin and their bouncing baby boy in July! Congrats, Jenny!!!


Lianne said...

I love this. I knit stuffed animals for everyone I know that gets pregnant. I ask what their favorite animal is -- I'm currently knitting an owl. I'll post pics on my blog when it's finished.

luvinthemommyhood said...

Love that little monkey, I would have a hard time giving that away as well :)