Thursday, May 27, 2010

2 months later...

I can't believe how long I've neglected this blog for! I'm so sorry. But I've been busy with a new job, being pregnant, and finding a new home in a new state. So I have a couple excuses... right?
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Well, I guess I should publicly announce that we are expecting a little BOY. I know I didn't announce on the blog when we found out because I was waiting to surprise my family. The secret has been out for a while but I haven't been around to declare it publicly yet. We are super excited for his arrival and can't wait!
In the crafting sector - I've been busy at work with all sorts of projects for our son as well as a couple for the house and the dogs. The most important project that I have completed recently was my FIRST QUILT! Yes, you heard right - I finished a quilt. I'm a member of the Bernina Sewing Club at our local quilting store. Once a month they hold a class and teach you a new technique on your Bernina Sewing Machine. It's a nice afternoon that I spend with my mother (who is a great quilter). One of the projects last fall was a quilt that you quilted as you went along. So it was quilted block by block instead of quilted at the end. This was what allowed me to finally make a quilt. With my back injury I can't quilt the top of a large piece of fabric because it just makes my back throb. But since they were 16 inch blocks (I believe) it was much easier and I could do a little at a time. I started the project last November and finally finished the quilt which was laying in the closet last month.
Here it is! The fabric (I can't remember it's name) was purchased in a fat quarter bundle from Fat Quarter Shop online on SUPER SALE. I think it turned out summery and bright (I can't stand baby blue stuff for the baby). What do you think?

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Mary said...

Hi Sarah,

I've been following your blog and love your homemade items! I've made a couple of your beautiful dog sweaters. After seeing your gorgeous quilt, I wish I could quilt too!

Congratulations on your baby boy!