Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free Online Pattern: "Snoozing Ned"

I'm finishing up a knit softie owl pattern that I saw through the blog "Zakka Life". The pattern is actually a Lucinda Guy pattern but I don't know what the original link to the website is and I don't feel comfortable posting a direct link to the pattern and not to a website. So go over to Zakka Life and she has the pattern link there.

It's an adorable owl pattern and will make a great toy. I'm finishing up the details of the owl - and will hopefully have it posted in the next day or two. But I wanted to share the pattern for those of you looking for a basic softie pattern that is suitable for beginner knitters and is something that you can fully customize. I made my owl striped in yellow, orange, and red! Talk about a colorful owl...

So go take a look at Zakka Life and let me know what you think!

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Lianne said...

I just finished knitting an owl too. I'll be posting photos on my blog Friday (as I'm giving it as a gift on Thursday and don't want to spoint the surprise). I jsut whipped up three pairs of the Greemy Baby Booties. My god they are adorable. And I have knit three more of Dotted Baby Hat (and added a knit applique flower to one of them. I'll poste these too once I've given them as gifts (preggo friend is due in 10 days). Thanks for all the great suggestions. Keep them coming.