Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Felted Coasters - Quick-n-Fun

I enjoy needle felting and figured it would be really quick way to jazz up some felted coasters. I made a set of felted coasters for my grandparents last Christmas and was jealous that I didn't have any. So using some hand-spun yarn I picked up at the Fleece Fair I knitting up some quick squares, felted them, and using my computer to print large letters of S (for Sarah and Sam) and G (for our last name) as templates I needle felted the squares. It was a fun weekend project (I knitted the squares one evening, felted them another, and after they were dry I needle felted the letters). This is the perfect gift for Christmas as they can be embellished with anything from letters to shapes or even something more complicated. They also make perfect hostess gifts. Have fun!

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