Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Assignment #1

I am currently taking a photography class through the local community college. I purchased a Nikon D60 camera and want to be able to utilize it's full capabilities. Our first assignment was to play with the camera and take a picture of anything. This is the photo I decided to turn in for my first assignment. To me it's simple and serene. The picture is of a door and window at Castillo de San Cristóbal (a fort in Puerto Rico). It was finished in the 1780's and was built to wrap around the city of San Juan. To enter San Juan you had to enter through San Cristóbal's double gates. It was a beautiful fort with many photo opportunities.


Sam said...

Did anything interesting happen while you were taking this picture?

Sarah G said...

Yep - While I was snapping this picture our rental car was broken into and all our stuff was jacked!! Ridiculous!!