Sunday, September 21, 2008

Puerto Rico Day #4

Buenos Noches! Today was an interesting day in San Juan. All in all, I would say this has been a pretty horrible day. The morning started off with a cancellation from the "Erin Go Bragh" sailing charter because of inclement weather on the east side of the island. That was extremely disappointing for us because we were REALLY looking forward to it and there aren't any days to reschedule. So I went back to sleep and rested until the afternoon. But Sam woke up and went out to breakfast with everyone else at "La Bombanera" where we ate breakfast yesterday. When I woke up I joined everyone else on the pool deck where they were having a Pearson/Gattis euchre tournament. Mom and Sam were partners vs. Leah and Erin. Mom and Sam won by a couple points. When the card game was finished we decided to check out San Cristobal fort. Sam, Dad and I drove to the fort and the attached graveyard and walked around. I wanted to take pictures at the graveyard which was beautiful. There were all of these beautiful sculptures and the view was amazing. San Cristobal fort was fun. The grounds were large and the view went on for miles. I was able to get tons of great pictures for my photo class I'm taking. We were at the fort for less than 2 hours. My legs were really giving out so I said that we had to pack it in. We walked back to the rental car that we parked on the street in FRONT of the fort. Dad put the key in the passenger side door when I told him that this wasn't our car. The key didn't turn so we looked around to see if there were any other white vans. There weren't. He thought maybe the passenger side didn't work but I told him I had used in the other day. He tried again and didn't work. That's when I looked in the car and saw that it was an empty car. "Dad, this isn't our car!" I said. But he walked over to the driver side and was able to open the door. When we got in the van he immediately said, "Someone took all of our stuff!" I was in disbelief. I still didn't believe it was our car. But sure enough someone jacked the lock out of the passenger side door and stole everything in the car leaving only water bottles and my dad's raincoat (they took my mom's!) All of our snorkel gear was in there as well as the GPS unit (thank God I told Sam to bring in our backpack with the cameras, purse, etc). All in all there was almost $2000 worth of goods in the car hidden away. But they must have seen the rental sticker and broke in assuming there were good things in there. Can you believe it? We had to flag down the police and make a report. So it's a conspiracy against us to prevent us from snorkeling or scuba diving. Now we don't even have gear (and it was REALLY expensive to buy and almost brand new!)
When we finally got back to the hotel we decided to drive down to "new" San Juan and have dinner and look around. It started pouring out so we grabbed dinner at a restaurant Leah has eaten at when she has layovers here. It had an amazing view and so-so food. Not somewhere I would recommend, but it was a nice looking restaurant for tourists.
Now we're back at the hotel and thinking, "Wow! This was a pretty crappy day! No sailing, stolen stuff, and pouring rain!" Hopefully tomorrow will end our trip on a better note. More to come tomorrow...

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