Monday, September 22, 2008

Puerto Rico Day #5

Good Evening! Today was a relaxing last day in Old San Juan. We all miss home but we are enjoying our last day here. It is pouring rain out and we expect around 16 inches of rain in the city between today and tomorrow. Our cab driver said a tropical storm has hit the southern part of the island.
Since it rained out so much today we all relaxed around the hotel. Sam swam in the rain this morning and we played "Uno" (Erin was determined to play it so we went out and bought the game for him!) While we played Uno we watched a man who got locked out of his room. The 250 year old door got jammed and it took around 10 men and an electric drill (and about 1.5 hours) to get him in his room. Believe it or not, they didn't give him a new room!
The big news today... we have a new member of our family. My baby sister will now be Mrs. Erin Palmer. Scary, huh? :-) She is super excited and really surprised that Erin proposed to her tonight. I got a call this afternoon from a really nervous Erin asking if I could take a walk with him this afternoon. When we got out and about he told me that he was picking up an engagement ring for Leah and needed some ideas of how to propose. We asked the front desk what they recommended and they informed us that there was a really nice restaurant in Ocean Park called "Pamela's" that they really recommended. We took a cab out to Ocean Park and ate a really great meal at Pamela's and when we returned housekeeping during their nightly turn down service had spread beautiful pink rose petals and tealights from the door of the hotel room to the bed of Leah and Erin's. On the bedspread they spread pink roses in the shape of a heart and put the ring Erin had given them in the middle. My mom and I sat outside like we were going to play cards. I don't think Leah had a clue that Erin was going to propose. After a little while I opened the door and went in to see if she said "yes" and her and Erin were both teary eyed. It was a beautiful sight. I'm so happy for Leah!
The ring is beatiful. It is almost like a princess cut diamond placed in a band crusted with small diamonds. It fits Leah's hand wonderfully. I just told Erin that he'll need to get Lo-Jack installed in it...
So next I'll have to ask when the big day is... all I know is that Leah asked if I'll be the maid of honor - and of course I said "yes!" We're all so happy and Erin is a great guy and will make a wonderful addition to the family.
Please see the pictures of Erin proposing and Leah saying yes.
We'll see you tomorrow when we get back to the states. Love you all! -Sarah

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