Thursday, October 16, 2008

What to do with all the little balls of yarn...

I've been in the mood to do a little "spring cleaning"... or should I call it "fall cleaning?" I went through my scrapbook area and cleaned out EVERYTHING. JoAnn's Craft Store had a 50% off sale on organizing bins and I did a great job of getting everything cleaned out and organized. It even inspired me to scrapbook a few pages that have been sitting around half finished.
So I decided to keep the inspiration moving and turn my attention to my knitting stash. I had extra storage boxes and started organizing my yarn by type and weight. Going through my yarn I noticed that I had several small balls or single skeins that didn't have anything to go with. So I have set them aside and will hopefully come up with some interesting little projects to work on to break up the monotony of Sam's never-ending sweater.
I was browsing some knitters blog and came across one called Chopped-Tomatoes which had an insanely cute pattern for baby leggings (click on the blog for the pattern). It only uses one skein of sock yarn (which I had a lonely skein begging to be turned into something) so I started knitting the leggings yesterday. They are turning out really cute. I have no idea what type of yarn I am using. It feels like a cotton/ wool blend. It has a lot of elasticity which comes in handy since I'm knitting on little U.S. 2 needles. Here's a picture of the work I've done so far. I'll post a picture at completion. And please, no grief for those of you wondering why I knit baby items. They're fun, cute, quick, and can be added to an "in-the-future" box...

My next project will be finishing up my Christmas gifts (only 2 gifts to get!!) and knitting some jewelry (I got a neat book of knitting jewelry at the Ann Arbor Library).

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