Saturday, November 8, 2008

Baby... it's cold outside!

Brrr! Winter is finally coming (or here I should say!) This afternoon we took the dogs to the local dog park (Ann Arbor's Swift Run Dog Park) to burn off a little of their energy. Of course the second we walked out the door it started to sleet a little. Luckily we put our wimpy Maltese, Mia, in a shirt AND sweater. It was too cold to stay for more than 30 minutes. Both Maddie and Mia got really cold. But I did get a lot of compliments on the dog's sweaters. I think they were the most surprised by the fact that both sweaters cost about $2-3 in yarn. I found that Lion Brand's Wool Ease yarn is the best yarn for dog sweaters. It has the warmth of the wool but the hard wearing nature of the acrylic. It's also easily purchased for under $2.50/skein on sale at a local craft store. I had Mia wearing a sweater out of a pink variegated merino "Malabrigo" yarn (but that sweater only used about 1/3 of a skein. People think I'm nuts that I used Malabrigo on her sweater since it's such a heavenly, plush, soft merino yarn but it knit up so lofty and warm that I could resist. The pink color just pops in comparison to her silky white hair. I'll have to get a picture of the sweater.

I'm worked a little on the "Simple Sweater" today. I believe I'll have the knitting finished by Friday and will sew it up next weekend... I'll be relieved to have the project off my mind. Such a simple sweater (a nice looking sweater and easy-to-follow pattern) but it's mind-numbing b-o-r-i-n-g to knit. Probably the perfect pattern to work on in a car or the plane when you don't want to count rows, stitches, or figure things out. But as a long project I have more interesting things calling my name.

I did just recently start the Romper pattern by Lois Daykin from Babyknits: 20 handknit designs for babies 0 - 24 months. I casted on both legs at the same time to work them in tandem (I always find knitting legs at the same time is a good idea. The legs are the same size and you can change colors at the same time. Much easier!) I'll keep you updated on the progress - but on little size 2 needles and fingerweight Rowan Cashcotton yarn, it might be a long project.

Interested in some eye candy? Go check out this blog: Wolltrunken and look at her BEAUTIFUL patchwork knitted blanket she made. I can't even imagine how much yarn and how long it took her to make this. The blog is in German (a shame since I want details!) but the pictures speak a million words. Check it out!!

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