Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Stockings!

Every year I look at our poor Christmas stockings - purchased when we were students and couldn't afford much - and tell myself that I'm going to make new stockings that look fabulous! I casted on my stocking yesterday and will hopefully finish this evening (a long project to finish in a couple days - but since I'm sick there's not much else to do).

Here are the details:
Pattern: Falling Snow Stocking
Author: Jennifer Hoel
Main Yarn: Cascade 220
Main Color: Red
Contrasting Yarn: Cascade 220
Contrasting Color: White
Needles: 16" U.S. 8 circular and U.S. 8 straight needles
Skeins: 1 skein of each and a "tad".

Notes: Even though this is my second time knitting the stocking, I still had problems following the directions on the gusset. I believe her pattern is updated with corrections, but if you've knitted a sock you can sort of wing that part of the pattern. But it's a beautiful finished product!! I'm knitting Sam's next in green and white.

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