Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Magazine Review - Interweave Knits Fall 2008

I know the Winter "Interweave Knits" magazine came out and I'm reviewing the Fall, 2008 magazine... but the Fall magazine just became available for check-out from the local library. I'm a huge fan of using the library for knitting books and magazines. It's such a great resource that allows you to save your money on patterns and use that moolah towards yarn!

I find magazines and knitting books often have some really dated or uncool patterns. I'm looking for something sleek, hip, trendy - something you could see at the store (but knitting it yourself allows you to pick the perfect shape, color, fiber...) So I decided that I would review books and magazines that I have purchased or borrowed from the library. Hopefully my reviews will inspire you to borrow it or go out and purchase it (I've done that with many books because there are so many great patterns!)

Item for Review: Interweave Knits Magazine, Fall 2008
Pages: 153
If you click on the name of the magazine it will take you to Interweave Knits website that lists all of the patterns available in this issue.
Patterns I'm interested in:
1. Knotty or Knice Socks
2. Fresco Fair Isle Mittens
3. Backstage Tweed Jacket
4. Winter Twilight Mitts: Available FREE on Knitting Daily!
5. Motley Mitts: Available FREE on Knitting Daily!

With only 3 patterns I'm interested in that aren't available free online (and will probably only make the Fresco Fair Isle Mitts), this magazine was kind of a frown. A good read from the library, but not worth purchasing. A lot of the patterns were either too fussy or the fit was kind of unflattering for most body types. Looking forward to the winter issue...

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