Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gotta Get It Done!!

Okay - I'm in the final hours... Gotta finish the "Simple Sweater" I've knitted for Sam!!! I finished knitting it last week and it's been sitting around waiting to be seamed up. I have to say seaming is my least favorite part of knitting. Hindsight, I REALLY wish I had knitted the sweater body in the round. I'm so happy I knitted the arms in the round (even though I think they are going to be an inch or so short of what Sam wants) but really unhappy that I didn't knit the body in the round. Why don't pattern designers write patterns with minimal seaming? Most people change patterns so that they knit almost everything in the round to avoid all of the finish sewing - I just wish the pattern designers wrote the patterns for pieces in the round. Ugh!!!

Wish me luck - Thanksgiving is tomorrow and Sam plans on wearing the sweater. I just wish I hadn't been sick for the past 2 weeks...

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