Friday, November 7, 2008


What a wonderful fall day (probably the last warm one!). I just finished up knitting the "Spring Beret" by Natalie Larson in Gedifra Mayra yarn in Silver. It turned out nice and slouchy. I knit it as a Christmas present and hopefully that person ends up liking it. Quick knit and free on Ravelry. Check it out:

Here are the details:
Pattern: "Spring Beret"
Book: Pdf download from Ravelry
Author: Natalie Larson
Yarn: Gedifra's "Mayra"
Color: Silver
Needles: U.S. 7 circular (for ribbing) and U.S. 9 circular needles (for rest of pattern)
Skeins: 1 skein and a "tad".

I casted on this beret on U.S. 7 needles. I used 16” circular needles as 24” are not necessary. I started the lace pattern in the U.S. 9 needles with a tight tension and each lace repeat I loosened my tension up hoping to give the hat a nice drape (which in fact worked!) The Gedifra Mayra is a BEAUTIFUL yarn for this project. I’m in love with it! Also, keep in mind that the piece will grow almost by 30% when you block the finished piece.

Total knitting time: 6 hrs.

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pamma la said...

i am just about to start this project so seeing yours and reading your blog about it was nice and fun for me!
yours turned out really nice!