Thursday, December 18, 2008

Coming Soon - New Free Dog Sweater Pattern

I'm currently working on a new dog sweater pattern that will be coming soon. I knitted the sweater up but (of course) did not write everything down as I knitted so I'm trying to write it up with no mistakes! It's all typed up but I want to knit it again following my directions to make sure it works. It's a nice pattern written as starting from the back and working towards the neck (instead of the usual neck down). I also incorporated some short rows to give the pattern the usual shape of the dog sweaters that people like at the back edge - longer on top than around the belly. The way I knitted it allows the sweater to be longer for male dogs (they won't pee on it which my sister complains her dog Leo does) but the back doesn't flip over which has always been my complaint with dog sweaters (that's why I don't add that back shaping usually). Whew - what a run on sentence!!
I also added a really big fold over lapel that adds a little flavor. I'm actually contemplating adding a lining to the lapel for some added warmth and pizazz!
Hopefully the pdf file will be posted this weekend! Keep a lookout!

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