Thursday, December 18, 2008

Free Online Pattern: Tiny Bird Soaker Pants and More!

It's been several days since I've written. The holidays can be so crazy! It's hard to get in my knitting...

(FYI: Photo isn't mine. Just thought it was fitting after our first snow here. It is Copyright 2008 byRoy Tennant from "Free Large Photos")

I'm working on a free pattern from Tiny Bird Organics called "Wool Soaker Pants". I can't find their pattern on the website, but it is available free on Ravelry here. I've been interested in making a skirted version of a soaker but couldn't find a pattern that I was interested in making (and was free!). So when I ran across this really basic pant pattern I was pleased. The pattern has minimal shaping which is a plus for what I'm looking for and has NO seaming (which is a huge plus!) I casted on the number of stitches for newborn size but used size U.S. 3 needles and worked the rib in twisted rib which I think produces a tighter rib with a lot of stretch and looks nice. I then switched to U.S. 5 needles and used an invisible increase to increase the stitches as described. I used the technique from TECHknitting and it worked out nicely. I'll post pictures tomorrow when the piece is done.
I'm planning on adding a skirt to the pattern using the skirt idea from BaDumBums (click for the pattern). If you're going to add a skirt you need to know before hand with this technique because you work yarn overs into a row that you slide off and place on a holder to pick up and knit later. So far it looks great but I haven't decided how I'm going to cast off the skirt. BaDumBums (that doesn't roll off the tongue easily, does it?) recommends casting off the skirt in a picot edge bind off (click for the how-to from Knitty). I think I might do something a little fancier since I'm knitting such a basic looking pattern in a plain eggplant color. Perhaps adding a ruffle and doing the picot edge...
I guess you'll see the final result tomorrow!

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