Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mia's Cold!

My little Maltese, Mia, is not handling the cold weather very well. She is FREEZING! She even shakes in the house if I let it get really cool. What a real wimp! I had a skein of a Alpaca-Merino blend laying around in a slightly heathered blue and using my Manteau de Madeline pattern as a guide, I whipped up another little sweater for Mia last night. I used the same blue yarn for the pocket on the back and used a beautiful glass button as the closure. It turned out really nicely and seems to be keeping her pretty warm.
The excitement in my life right now is that my mother bought a new Bernina sewing machine because her older one broke. Well, her older one wasn't busted but just needed a little work. So instead of spending the money towards fixing it, she spent it on a new machine leaving me an EXCELLENT opportunity - pay the money to fix her old machine. So I'm going to get my newly old Bernina any day now!!! I can't wait. Every project I finish I think of all the great things that I could do if I had the sewing machine. Since Mia is so cold and I can't find any dog pajama patterns online (they are the best since they have full legs to keep her warm), when I get my sewing machine I will be able to add on some leggings to the sweaters using something like thermal underwear. I know, I know, this sounds RIDICULOUS, however, I have to keep my little dog warm until we can move and defrost in some warmer weather.
Does anyone have some good ideas to keep a little dog warm? My poodle, Maddie, loves the cold weather and isn't bothered by it at all!

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