Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sewing Machine Arrived

My mother had a Bernina sewing machine that she got years ago and has been a great workhorse for her quilting projects. The main internal board finally gave out and she needed to get it repaired. Being such a passionate quilter, she got lured into the new fancy machines when she was at the sewing machine shop. Instead of spending the couple hundred dollars to get her machine fixed, she gave me the opportunity to fix the machine and she bought a new one! So after waiting 4 weeks for the machine to be fixed, it's here! I've never sewn - I know basically nothing but wanted to play around with the machine and I've wanted a double pointed needle case for years! So I whipped my own little pattern up andwith a little green polka dot cotton fabric and some grey felt, I have my own needle case. I still need to add on the little details - but the bones of it is done and I was able to try my hand at sewing straight...
The needle case fits my U.S. size 0 needles until U.S. 9 needles (and a little place for the random crochet hooks I have). I'm quite pleased and it only took me an hour or so. (I'm giving myself a pat on the back...)

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