Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Free Online Pattern: Resizable Dog Coat (to sew)

Since I'm trying my hand at the new machine I wanted a quick way to make some coats for my little Mia to go outside in. The temperatures in Michigan are hovering around 0 degrees with windchills in the -20's and she can't take it! Poor things freezes to death whenever we take her outside. She's also so short that her stomach gets covered in snow. A Circle of Crafters has a dog coat/vest pattern that I followed and made in the 14" size. You can print the patterns in various sizes or they explain how to make and measure it yourself if you have a big dog. I used some striped flannel fabric and a chenille-like fabric for the underside and to make it extra toasty, I included a layer of fleece that I quilted in the middle. Since the flannel fabric was striped, I just followed some of the stripes and sewed straight lines down the flannel and fleece layers. I then sewed the quilted piece to the chenille. Her body gets quite warm underneath and she seems quite comfortable in it. It took a little longer since I quilted the piece, but if I would make it straight and simple I believe it would have only taken an hour or so (much quicker than a 6 hour dog sweater!) So I throw this on over her sweater when she goes outside since she always gets wet. Try it out!

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