Friday, December 12, 2008

Yarn CSA!!

I'm crazy! On a total whim, I joined a yarn CSA!!! Martha's Vineyard Farm has the country's first yarn CSA (stands for community supported agriculture) and I bought a share on etsy. Here's how it works: the farm is home to Angora Goats, Cormo, Cotswold, and Babydoll Southdown sheep and some chickens, ducks, and dogs. The animals are raised on a natural diet of pasture and hay for as much of the year as possible. And they have chosen to have their fleeces processed by a small, family-owned, solar-powered mill owned by goat farmers, rather than sending them to a big commercial processor. My share that I purchased is investing in the Spring 2009 "yarn harvest" and after the shearing and processing, I will receive my bountiful supply of yarn in the mail!!! This seemed like a great thing to invest in and I'm so excited!! Go to Martha's Vineyard Farm and click to buy a share of the CSA!!! Join in the fun!!!

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