Thursday, January 15, 2009

Knitting for Charity

I'm going to start meeting with my church charity knitting group. While I was knitting up some Greemy Baby Booties someone asked me to bring the pattern to the group to share. So I thought that I would pass along the links of some of my favorite projects to knit for charity. Here they are:

For Infants and Pediatric Donations:
"Wee Leafy Baby Set" (Very cute easy-to-make baby hat with a little leaf detail)
"Greemy Baby Booties" (the #1 thing the hospital I worked at needed were baby socks and booties, not hats which is the number one donation)
"Giacamo's Baby Hat" (a little flair for a cute hat)
"Better than Booties Baby Socks" (again, hospitals like to receive socks and booties to keep infant feet warm)

For Baptismal Blanket Donations:
"Log Cabin Baby Blanket" (a little variation for a knitter that doesn't like the same 'ol repetitive stitch)
"Sunny Baby Blanket" (a easy block pattern - cute!)
"Garter Stitch Ruffles Baby Blanket" (What fun! Using 2 different sized needles on different rows gives an easy garter stitch blanket a ruffle!)

For Adult, Chemo Patient Donations:
"Summer Lace Shawlette" (great little shape for an alternative to a prayer shawl. Great for any hospitalized adults, individuals receiving chemo, etc.)
"Button Tab Hat" (how stylish! Many chemo patients I talked to liked the hip shape and classic design).
"Pi Topper Chemo Cap" (similar in design to the button tab hat - classic, stylish hat that isn't goofy like the "fun fur" hats - in my opinion).

Have fun knitting and making the recipients SMILE!

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