Saturday, January 17, 2009

Best Guarantee... Ever!

We all know that there are so many gimmicks out there when it comes to purchasing an item: "Buy one, get one free" (and they forget to tell you until you're checking out that it's a rebate), "Buy 3 for $9.99" (but one is the regular price of $6 and you don't need 2 more!), etc. Well... I found a manufacturer that lives up to the hype of their guarantee - "Lupine Pet."
Lupine sells collars, leashes, and harnesses for dogs and cats. I purchased a lupine dog leash on Drs. Foster & Smith about a year ago. Maddie, my poodle, has a habit of chewing on the leash if you stand still for a moment. So she has chewed quite a few leashes to their demise. When I was on Drs. Foster & Smith website and saw that Lupine had a guarantee on their collars "even if chewed". I thought, "What the heck?" It was only a dollar more or so in cost than a generic leash and the patterns were quite adorable. So for the past year we have been using the leash and finally it gave way last week. My husband and I took Maddie out on the leash for a walk and all of a sudden she wasn't walking near us anymore - the leash had finally broken! I went to the Lupine website, looked at their guarantee and all they wanted me to do was mail the leash back to them. No receipt of purchase, no registration, nothing. Just put the leash in an envelope with a piece of paper with my address and name. For under $2 I had mailed it to them and today I received a BRAND NEW leash. All in all it took about a week to receive the leash.
I'm now a Lupine customer (and hey, their guarantee works - I'm here blogging about it!) Two thumbs up!!

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