Saturday, January 31, 2009

Projects I'm starting and finishing

Life has just kicked into high gear. I have a couple projects I'm interested in starting and several I need to finish. First thing I have to finish is a baptismal blanket I almost have finished for my church (hopefully I will cast off tomorrow afternoon!). I also have a cotton bathmat that I made out of leftover cotton yarn scraps that is begging to be finished (hopefully by Tuesday...) and then I want to get started on a Elisa Nest Tote so I'm prepared when the farmer's market opens for the spring. I even have some beautiful skeins of Rowan 4-ply cotton in a soft lemon waiting to be used! What else do I want to make? I do want to make a dog sweater for my aunt's puppy, Izzy. She's a dachshund-schnauzer-poodle mix (see the picture!) who will hopefully be finished growing soon (so she doesn't grow out of her sweater) - when I finish her sweater I will post the pattern. I also have a few people who follow the blog that need help making some sweaters to fit their pooches. I have it on my "to-do" list to get back with them and help them make the patterns I post work for their little ones. And then I also want to make some quick washcloths to send to my grandparents in Florida...
And after all of this knitting I have a craft room to get started on! I am so excited to finally have my own craft space! We have a second bedroom that we hardly use. I mostly use it as my changing room since I have the closet in that room filled with my clothes. I finally got the queen bed out of the room today and after fresh paint (a light sea blue), baseboard, crown molding, cupboards, shelving, etc. I will have my own space! I can't wait. Hopefully my hubbie will start stripping the room and painting it tomorrow. I set a tentative deadline of 2 weeks until the craft room is finished. No more sewing upstairs and ironing/cutting downstairs!!
But first thing's first - I need to finish the baby blanket. I need to cut down on unfinished projects (even though I'm probably pretty good at keeping projects to a minimum compared to people like my mother who has maybe a dozen or so projects in the works...)
I did quickly scrap another digital page from my Florida trip on my husband and dad's diving trip. I plan for it to be a hybrid scrap page so I will add additional things after I print it - but here's the basic page...

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