Friday, January 9, 2009

So Disappointing!!

I finished knitting the "Felted Persian Slippers" from the Ella Rae Homewares book. What an awful pattern! I don't say things like that often but I'm really upset because I don't normally buy pattern books. As I examine the book I realize that the book is a "hot mess" with all sorts of poorly written patterns, patterns that aren't really patterns (such as the bird mobile pattern that has you make felted squares that you just cut out shapes and sew together but doesn't give you a real template for), and lots of errors (make sure you check for errata before knitting a pattern).

The felted persian slippers aren't sized right. I wear a size 7 shoe (U.S.) so I don't have huge feet yet the pattern was too small (even though I didn't felt the pattern all the way). It also has you make up the pieces and felt them separately which causes a thick, heavy seam in some dainty slippers which makes them horribly uncomfortable. If I was desperate enough to make these again I would seam them BEFORE felting hoping that it would give a better finished product.

I actually pitched the finished product because I knew I would never wear them and because they were too awful to gift to someone. I cut up the felt in some shapes and will use them to adorn a felted bag with some punch needle felting since I hate to have wasted money on yarn and throw it away.

Oh well... I'm on to my next project... I have a beautiful dog sweater to write up. I'll get started on that...

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