Saturday, January 10, 2009

Coming Soon - Leaf Dog Sweater

I have written up my newest addition to my freebie section - a Leaf Dog Sweater. I knit the sweater the first time around in double stranded Rowan Bamboo Tape in the color "Orchid" which is a soft pink. Since I improvised the pattern I didn't write it up the first time around. But it turned out just gorgeous for my poodle, Madeline. So I decided to knit another one! This time I chose a durable thick cotton yarn from GGH called Tara in a deep emerald green. It's a bulky 12 ply cotton/microfiber mix and it took less than 2 skeins. Since I just finished writing it up and knitting it simultaneously, it's too dark to take pictures. So I'll post the finished pattern and pictures tomorrow. I think people will be very happy!! It uses a pattern stitch from Vogue's stitchionary for a middle section that consists of a leaf and flower bobble motif. The sides are flanked in diagonal ribbing that adds a lot of dimension. I made the sweater to have a thick, long turtleneck that you fold-over as well as long legs that can be worn down to keep your pup warm or folded up for some added style. This sweater looks pretty JCrew-ish. Too cute!
In the soft pink bamboo tape the finished sweater looks a lot more delicate and dressy but in the GGH cotton it looks thick, durable and ready for play. So it's a very versatile pattern depending on the yarn you choose.
As always, these patterns are sized for my small dogs (between 6.5 lbs and 10 lbs) but are easily altered for larger dogs. I knit this pattern as written for my smaller maltese, but went up a size needle for my larger 10 lb dog. You could easily add more stitches to the round or go up in weight of the yarn. If you need help resizing please send me an email and I would be happy to help.
As always, I hope you will enjoy and I'll be back tomorrow to post...
And please, if you enjoy my patterns (and to keep me going) - please leave me some love. I like to know people are enjoying these!


Anonymous said...

Your stuff is all so great. I am 62 and I have not sewn since high school. I bought some material and was going to make my dog some t shirts. I have ruined all of my stuff. I just dont' know how to sew on stretch materials. My armholes I tried to finish with bias tape. They would fit a great dane not my little dog. any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I love your dog knits and gave your patterns to my Mum and hope they turn out as beautifully as yours.

Your patterns are better than 99% of published patterns.