Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Burp ClothTutorial

Some family friends are having a baby in July and I wanted to make them a handmade baby gift. I'm so busy knitting the "Playmat" blanket that I wanted something that could be done quicker than a week of intense knitting (and something easier to wash). So I decided on some burp rags. I feel like a lot of stuff you buy in the stores is really expensive, a little to "goofy baby", and not a always high quality. So I sat down and in an afternoon I was done with a baby shower gift - 6 burp clothes and a baby bib to round out the present. They turned out adorable and were really easy to make. For the burp rags I made up the pattern (available here for download from 4-shared) and for the bib I used the shape from Martha Stewart available here.

Quick note on the pattern - I scanned my pattern and it is a 17 inch long burp cloth. But my scanner is a normal size paper scanner and I didn't want people to have to increase the pattern size so it is only half of the original pattern. To make the full pattern print two copies and paste them together on the line indicated (one will be right side up and one will be right side down). This will make the full pattern that you place on the fold of your fabric. That sounds more confusing than it is!

Here's the tutorial:

Items needed:
-1/2 yard (depending on how many you are making) cotton fabric in pattern you like
-1/2 yard (depending on how many you are making) terry cloth fabric that matches main fabric
- 1 package of Warm and Natural Cotton Batting in craft size (this makes the burp cloths thick and absorbant)
-Matching thread and bobbin
-Sewing machine (or do it old school with needle and thread...)


Print pattern and place the pattern on the fabric fold line (the pattern is half of a complete burp cloth). Cut a piece of the main cotton fabric, terry cloth, and the cotton batting. You will have 3 total pieces (one of each fabric).

This is how the pieces should look when you unfold them.

These are the three pieces that I cut.

You will now stack the fabrics to get them ready to sew together. Place the cotton fabric RIGHT SIDE UP on your surface (iron to make it lay flat). Place the terry cloth fabric on top with the RIGHT SIDE DOWN (iron to make it lay flat). Place the batting on the top most layer (doesn't matter which side is up or down. Iron to make the whole stack flat and line up). For this picture I just folded the corner over to show you the stack.

Pin the whole stack around through all the layers. I like to place a lot of pins...
Then bring the stack to the sewing machine and sew all the way with a 1/2" hem around leaving a 5 inch or so opening on one end open so you can turn the piece right side out.

Turn right side out and iron the piece flat. Pin the opening closed. You will sew the opening closed in the next step when you top-stitch around the whole piece.

It's back to the sewing machine! Starting where you have pins to close the opening, top stitch (that is just plain stitch, or in many cases I use a decorative stitch my machine does) 1/4" in from the edge all the way around. This gives a finished edge and closes the opening. Trim thread ends and...

Ta da! You're finished... One down and a couple more to go!

This shows the front and the back of the burp cloth.

My fininshed stack. I used odds and ends of fabric that I had. Some I used flannel as the top and the bottom of the burp cloth. I also ended up using a decorative stitch to top-stitch around in a coordinating thread and it made it look even cuter!
Have fun!

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