Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finished Hat and Beginnings of a Quilt

I just finished up knitting a hat with the leftover scraps of Ella Rae Baby Cotton that I had. I needed to use them up to get them out of the way! I can't remember the name of this pattern but it's free online. I'll search around for the pattern and post it later this week when I find it! The leaves were a pleasure to knit and I'm really happy with the turnout. That makes almost 30 hats I've knitted for charity in the past 6 weeks or so!! I'm finally done with all my scrap yarn so now I'm on to finish the playmat blanket that I started. I hope to have the blanket finished by this summer... We'll see how that turns out!
Today I met up with my mom and went to lunch and a quilting store. When we were taking a sewing class she fell in love with a funky bird/chicken fabric and thought it would make a good quilt. Here's the first few test blocks that she has pieced.

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