Sunday, April 19, 2009

"A Flower A Day...

Keeps the doctor away." Isn't that how the saying goes? Well, if so - here is your dose of flowers for the day. We had plans to meet up with my mother-in-law today for a trip to the University of Michigan Botanical Gardens. There was an orchid festival going on. Unfortunately I got an infection in my lip this past week and was put on antibiotics which are not being kind to my stomach. So I had to sit out. I was looking forward to spending time in the nice weather and getting to practice my photography. Instead I gave a crash course to my hubby and sent him out with my camera. He came back with some impressive shots for a newbie! So I thought I would post them for him. I missed out on a good afternoon - a walk around the gardens, Turkey Reuben sandwiches from Zingerman's (if you have never had Zingerman's - you are missing out!), and a cold Pilsner Urquell out on my mother-in-law's deck. It hit the mid 70's today and I was stuck inside throwing up! Not my idea of a great weekend. But I did manage to finish up a sweater I've been working on. Now I just need to sew up the seams, attach the buttons, and then I'm finished. Aahhh!

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