Friday, April 17, 2009

Online Pattern: Wool Diaper Cover by Ottobre Studio

A couple weeks ago I finished these soakers in Malabrigo Yarn Worsted Merino in the color "Pollen". They turned out decent. The last time I made them I had a hard time figuring out the directions since they are translated kind of poorly into english. But once I made them, I thought of ways I would like to improve on them in the future and wanted to try out my ideas...
Here's the info on them:
This is my second pair of soakers using this free online pattern from Ottobre Studio. The first time around I couldn't stand all of the seaming. So I improvised a bit and used a provisional cast on starting with the section that started the decrease. I also decided to insert a 2x2 ribbing in that crotch area as well. When the decrease and increase crotch section was finished, I just picked up the provisional cast on stitches and joined in the round. This way I started with the crotch and finished working up towards the ribbing edge. I then finished with picking up the legs in the round and worked stockinette and then 1x1 ribbing. There was no seaming involved!! Great idea!
These were fun to make. I'm not sure if Malabrigo yarn was the best choice of yarn. It's a pretty fluffy, soft merino yarn so they might not hold up really well (or will felt and shrink immensily). So we'll see... But it only used about a half of a skein for the smallest sized soaker

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