Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paper, Printer, Photoshop, Scissors & Glue

Good evening! I'm sure some of you are wondering what the items in the title of this post add up to. Well... they add up to "Save the Date" invites for my sister's wedding in November. She purchased all of the pieces for the invites almost 2 months ago but they still were sitting in the bag they were purchased in. So today we dove in and worked on putting them together.
It was a long afternoon filled with a couple curse words (oops... sorry!), a little bit of sweat, but a lot of quality time with my mother and sister. Hopefully she's happy with the start of the invites (they might take a couple more days to finish) and she still has some steam left in her to finish them. She plans on doing her own calligraphy for the addresses so I'm sure she'll spend several evenings in front of the TV with a pen in her hand (Good luck with that, Leah!) Maybe she'll get desperate and her soon-to-be-hubbie will be put to work...
Until then we have the actual "Save the dates" printed and decorated, the hotel info sheet designed (still needs to be printed, cut, and have the decorative touches added), and the invite list made. Now we need to finish all the pieces and put them together. Boy am I glad that I'm done getting married! I remember the late nights making all of my handmade invites.
Oh, boy... and these are just the "Save the Dates" - wait for the real invites!

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