Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Apples & Pears Tote

After making my cousin a Reversible Shoulder Bag by Lula Louise I wanted to make one of my own. I have to say that it was MUCH easier the second time around (and not using denim which gave my machine a work out). I used a pear and apple fabric in bright colors that seemed perfect for the market or grocery shopping. On the reverse side (the bag is reversible, hence the name) is just white twill fabric. I did the top stitching in bright red that matched the fabric and it really pops off the white twill. Total time to make the tote was about 2.5 hrs. It calls for 1 yard of two coordinating fabrics. There's a lot of leftover fabric, but if you aren't using home decor fabric that is long (then you can get away with 1/2 yard), you can't fit the whole pattern down lengthwise and you need the full yard.
So here it is:

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