Saturday, June 13, 2009

Free Online Pattern: "Better than booties baby socks"

Like I said in my previous post, I finished a couple pairs of socks using the freebie pattern online available by Ann Budd called "Better than booties baby socks."
It's a great pattern that was a lot of fun to make. This pair of socks was made on U.S. 1 needles with Panda Silk yarn that I purchased at my local yarn store, "Knit Around." The single skein made two pairs of socks with about a 4 inch tail to spare! The skein of yarn was full priced at $9.00 - so each pair of socks turned out to be about $4.50, a good price to pay for socks that are so soft and luxurious! I really recommend this pattern and as I said before, I would rate the pattern as a medium-difficult pattern as there are a couple tricky steps if you aren't familiar with sock construction. But they are a breeze for a seasoned knitter. Total time to make a pair of socks is a couple of evenings. Have fun!

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drlaura said...

Hi, i'm DrLaura, the "CPY sock guru".

your socks are so sweet!
we'd love to post your pics and link to you from the Crystal Palace blog?