Saturday, June 13, 2009

Free Online Pattern: "Pleated Purse"

The blog, My Spare Time, has a free pattern available online called "Pleated Purse". I needed a roomy small bag to take with me to appointments and decided to give it a whirl. It's a straightforward design and is quite cute. However, there must be a mistake with her measurements (or I just can't read her Ikea-like picture directions) because the pleat dimensions just didn't work. So I came up with my own pleat dimensions after a bunch of fussing with it. The basic shape of the bag is cute with a center pleat and side pleats. If you are a seasoned sewer (or better at reading diagrams) - try this pattern out. I made the bag in some cheapo cotton fabric from JoAnn's that I had laying around. I never do a good job at a project the first time around, so I'll make this pattern again with the revised dimensions in a nicer fabric when the bag gets worn out.Total bag cost - $6. Total time - With lots of fussing = 6 hrs. Next time? Probably 4 hrs.

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