Monday, July 27, 2009

Free Online Pattern: Baby Sophisticate

I've got many things finished and some things in the works. It's been a crafty week for me - a lot of sewing, some knitting, and some photography. I always notice that when my urge for creativity goes up it is indicative of high stress. This week has just been hectic! So crafting is the perfect therapy for me - slows me down, gets me thinking, creating, and focuses me on the here and now. When I'm finished and look at my completed project I have a sense of peace and control.
This week I whipped out in an evening the baby sweater "Baby Sophisticate" by Stockinette. The sweater is written as a classic "Grandpa" sweater - a button down cardigan with a large fold-over lapel. I didn't have enough stash yarn on hand and liked the basic idea for the sweater but wanted it to be unisex so I came up with a pull-over style. I haven't placed the button on the collar yet (I will wait until I know who the recipient is so that I can pick a button that is more feminine or masculine). I will definitely knit this pattern again as written. It's quick and fun and Stockinette's version is just so darn cute! Take a look at her blog for the "real" version - which is much more successful than my adapted pattern.

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