Thursday, July 2, 2009

My First Quilt

I've been taking a monthly sewing class at a local quilt shop for the past several months. It's been enjoyable to see all the other ladies handiwork and think about how wonderful it would be if I could be as talented in the sewing department as they are. This last month I set my reservations aside and decided to jump feet first in quilting and bought fabric for my very first attempt at a quilt. It calls for 20 fat quarters! And man was it hard to find 20 fabrics that I liked that all went together. I felt like I was buying out the whole quilt shop!
But here is my stack of fabrics...
I'm really excited about this project. With the expert guidance of my mother (an extremely talented quilter) I'm sure this will turn out beautiful. Cross your fingers (and toes) for me!!

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