Monday, August 31, 2009

Free Online Pattern: Harris Tweed Socks

I finished my first pair of adult sized socks in a couple years! I hate knitting socks because once one sock is done you have a whole other one to knit (unless you knit them both at the same time using the magic loop method...) But I'm getting ready for Christmas and this is one present off my "to-do" list!
These are the "Harris Tweed Socks" by Ali Green available online for free here.
This picture didn't turn out all that well - the coloration is a little off and the detail isn't really obvious, but this was a quick, fun pattern to knit up. I used a wool/bamboo blend yarn (with a little bit of nylon for strength) in a blue and green coloration. These are soft and hopefully will wear well. I did make an alteration to the pattern - I made my toe box the "traditional" way instead of the really wedged toe like the pattern suggests.

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