Monday, August 31, 2009

Goodbye, August

This month seemed to come and go at the blink of an eye! I guess summer is a busy time for all - but I feel guilty for my lack of updates lately.My first update is about a new (*temporary*) part of our family - a little kitten named "Dexter". In this picture he's a little over 2 weeks old. Just started to really open his eyes and his ears finally popped up. We got him when he was just barely 2 weeks old (from the way he looked). My mother's friend lives on a farm where a feral cat abandoned the little kitty in the compost pile. She didn't come back for the kitten for days and finally my mother's friend (and daughter who was visiting) called me. When I got the kitten he was dehydrated and very skinny but with some kitten replacement milk, a tiny bottle, and a heating pad - we got this kitten up and moving! I weighed little "Dexter" when we got him and he was about 6 oz. and today he's a whopping 9 oz! His appetite has really picked up and he's gotten accustomed to the latex nipple which was hard for him at first. But man are these kittens a lot of work this early on! We have to feed him, make him go the bathroom (kittens are unable to do this on their own until about 4 wks old), and keep him warm (again, kittens this young don't shiver or produce their own body heat efficiently). But he's enjoying our family and especially our dogs. I'll keep you updated as he grows and gets ready for a new home!

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