Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dexter at 6 wks old

I'm trying to remember to update everyone on my little man Dexter on a weekly basis as he grows and turns into a little kitty. This has been quite a busy week for Dexter and he has changed a ton! First off, he learned to go up and down our hardwood stairs when he was about 5 wks 5 days old. I was lying in bed on Saturday morning and all of a sudden had a kitten in my face. I knew Sam had brought him down to the basement to eat and use his litter box and left him there. But all of a sudden he was upstairs and somehow managed to climb up our really tall bed (so tall that the dogs use stairs halfway and jump up the rest of the way). I think he used his claws to climb up the mattress. So now he has free range of our entire house meaning I have no way to get away from him!
The second (and most important) change this week has been his ability to eat solid food and get weaned off the bottle entirely. This happened in a very strange way. I had been trying for a week to get him to eat wet kitten food and he was just not interested. Well, apparently he is willing to give up the bottle for french fries since his first attempt at eating solid food was snatching a french fry from my plate. I gave him the fry and he's been eating kitten food mixed with KMR (kitten milk) ever since. Thank you McDonalds!
Basically Dexter has entered the crazy stage of kittenhood. He's running around, learning to jump, climb, and "hunt" basically everything - feet, ankles, dogs (Run! Maddie and Mia, run!)...
But he's a happy and healthy kitten. That's all we could ask for.

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