Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crafty Links

Here are some crafts that I've found inspiring and would love to create...
1. Free Halloween Doodle Embroidery Patterns: Perfect for a treat bag or even a onesie.
2. T-Shirt Yarn Tutorial: I've made some (boy is it fun and turns out great). I'm slowly working on a scrap rug for under the dog dishes. Tip - use your sewing machine to reinforce the T-shirt seams.
3. Daily Drop Cap: Each day there is a new decorative initial from Typographer, Jessica Hische.
4. Don't Get Out of Bed Pants: pdf pattern available to make your own PJ pants (learn from my mistake and don't use a pair with an elastic waist unless you stretch the elastic to make the pattern... mine turned out with a tiny waist!)
5. Let's Make Pet Pouches: Little pouches perfect to make to carry "poop bags".
6. DIY Boxer Shorts: My hubbie has asked me to make him boxers since I bought my serger.

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