Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dexter at 8 wks old

Gosh our little man has grown! This week I'm finally calling him a real kitten. He's getting in all sorts of trouble - jumping on tables, playing with anything that hangs (including yarn and electrical cords), running around the house like a crazy cat, and eating up a storm!
I think I can finally stop the week by week description of him because he's finally just in the growing stage. I can't believe how much a cat can change in a month. But he's turned into a great kitten and I believe we're going to keep him...But having a kitten can be a HUGE hassle sometimes while owning a food-crazed Maltese. Mia has always been very food driven. For a 6 lb dog she sure likes to eat... anything! If it's edible (and sometimes that criteria doesn't even need to be met) she'll eat it - including lettuce, uncooked pasta, skittles, grass, earplugs (one of her favorites), and (drum roll please)... cat food! Yeppers, I got home last week and found the 6 lb bag of kitten food ripped open and about 3 lbs of it missing. Mia instantly had a "I'm guilty but I hope you don't notice me" look on her face. She put her head down and crawled to her bed. At the time I thought it was guilt and shame. Now I know it was probably the churning and upset that was happening in her little stomach.
Mia was sick for a week. Not just "sick" but "SICK". I was irritated with the vomiting and diarrhea for about an hour. Then I just felt so bad for the little miserable ball of fluff. She didn't move from her bed for a week. And it took a good week for her stomach to come back to normal. It was tortuous for her and for us (thanks to the getting up to let her out every 3 hours at night). But we survived and luckily she did too.
But did she learn? Heck no! I think she would eat another 3 lbs without even thinking about it. So since we're keeping the cat we have to come up with a way to feed the little man and keep his food out of Mia's little paws. Currently we feed him on the 2nd story of his kitty condo and that seems to work. But you never know...

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Anonymous said...

a great way to keep a dog from ripping open a bag of dog/cat food is to get a rubbermaid container and keep the food in it...after the tenth time our cocker spaniels spread food all over the house we decided that worked pretty well. as to dogs eating the food in the cat dish...if you find a solution, please share! :)