Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh Where Have I Been?

Wowsers! It's been a couple months since my last post in November. I'm sure many of you were wondering if I was keeping up with this blog. I have to admit that posting hasn't been on my list of priorities, but I have been answering pattern questions and other knitting questions as quick as I possibly can. I've also been spending time thinking about what I would like to do with this blog in the coming year. I have some ideas for projects to post, tutorials to make, and things that I would like to get accomplished (a real, customized blog site for one). But this has all taken a back seat in the past several months since finding out I am...Yeppers - I found out a couple months ago that my husband and I will be expecting our first bundle of joy in early July. I've hit the second trimester and I am still waiting for my nausea and vomiting to taper off. No such luck! So I haven't picked up a pair of needles since November (other than to knit my mother-in-law a Christmas present that she wanted). I do apologize to all you guys who are waiting for new patterns to pop up - even my dogs look at me with slight disgust since they usually have new sweaters every couple of months. Last year Mia was still a puppy and I've found that this winter she really doesn't fit in many sweaters and Maddie's sweaters are too large for her. Every time I take the little pooch out I look at her freezing, pathetic face and feel terrible that I haven't made her a toasty sweater to stay warm in. She doesn't even fit in her snow suits from last year. Poor thing! Hopefully this will be our last frigid winter as we are moving to North Carolina this summer. I keep telling her that if she can hold out for now she'll be warmer next year.

So I promise you - I have plans in the works. I just need a little time to get my energy and stomach back. The thought of knitting right now makes my stomach churn - I get motion sick just walking up the stairs. I can't imagine looking at needles flying with yarn between them. But I do have pictures of November and December that should allow for a couple posts before I start my crafting again.

Until then: Happy 2010!! (oohh... it rhymes!)


mary said...

I'm sooooo glad you're back! Congrats!!!!

machelle said...