Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meet my new friend... Basil!

So I have been feeling pretty icky lately and my day was just turned around when I got the sweetest email from a reader. It was from Eve from the U.K. and her little man, Basil. He's a 14 week old Yorkie and loves sporting his new Snuggie Sweater and he had to share with me how much he enjoyed being toasty warm:
Isn't he absolutely cute in his Snuggie!!!

It's emails like these that make it worth spending the time to write up the patterns that I knit. Like I've said before - I'm not a pattern maker. I don't make money off my patterns. I just knit for pleasure and enjoy making dog sweaters for my puppies. And I love to share my successes in making a sweater with other lovers of animals. And what is better than a free pattern? Sure I make typos (and I correct them as soon as I'm made aware) and sometimes I don't explain my methods in a way that everyone understands (that's the hard part about not having "test knitters" but making a pattern based off of making it once) - but when I get sweet, kind emails from readers that wanted to share their success stories and satisfaction with my patterns I just smile from ear to ear!!!Basil is sporting the Chevron Sweater and looks so handsome!

So not only was it great to hear from you, Eve, but it was nice to connect with someone out there in "Internet Land". It's nice to make new friends and it just reminds me of why I wanted to start this blog. I wanted to find other avid knitters and dog lovers. I want to swap stories, laugh, smile, and make a new friend. And today it happened... Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Can you please post the Chevron sweater pattern? It is adorable! Thanks!