Sunday, February 28, 2010

Debuting Our Baby

I'm going to debut our little baby here on my blog. Here is the most recent ultrasound that we received - our little one is measuring a week ahead of schedule and I am more than halfway done with my pregnancy! Yeeha!I'm still nauseous in the morning but hopefully I will continue to feel better every day. We had a terrific ultrasound session this week that lasted for almost an hour. They measured every organ/body part and everything looked spectacular! For now we are still keeping the gender of this little one a secret, but it was confirmed to us. So we know for sure what we are having. It's so nice to be able to call the baby by name and also to start being able to buy stuff. I love me some shopping!
Now the knitting can begin! I did start knitting a sweater when we found out the "tentative" gender - but since it wasn't 100% I decided to knit the sweater in gender neutral colors. I figured the sweater could last for more than one baby too. I should have the last arm knitted this week and will post the finished project and details.
I also knit a "sleep sack" like item for baby. It's my own pattern and I hope to have it written up and posted as a freebie here soon. I knit it in gender neutral colors as well hoping to get more use out of it. I figured if I'm going to spend big bucks on expensive yarn and spend a lot of time making it - I better be able to use it for all my children! I also started that project before I knew the gender.
I also am finishing up a quilt - hopefully I will have the binding finished this coming week. Gosh! All these projects to finish! So that will be posted soon too.
Sorry I have been so absent. Not feeling well, lack of energy, and all the stuff that I need to accomplish in the next several months is really keeping me away from this blog. I'm hopefully starting a new job, I need to sell our current house, buy a new house in the city we're moving to, Sam is finishing up his PhD, have a baby, and move to our new city all in the next 4-5 months. Eeks! What do I start with first?? How about just starting with the craft projects that I listed in this post? Sounds like a good start to me!

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